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The graphic on index.htm is adapted from the sleeve of Serpents Kiss, (c)Sandy Ball 1986. The photo of The Mission circa 1986 is taken from a scanned promo shot on the Official MWIS page. The silhouette with a question mark image (sil2.gif) used in Serpent People was adapted from a scanned magazine image (I don't know which one, Jen found it :> ). All used without permission in the hope nobody will mind... ;> (If someone with a legitimate reason does mind, please let me know and I will remove the offending article).

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Latest Updates

6 July 2000 Updated the files at last! Information re: acceptable discussion subjects in Snake Talk, the new dates (the UK dates! At last!! Yay!!!) and Lynn Muollo's Mish site have been added to The Mighty Mish; although I have to check the URL for Lynn's site as I don't seem to have it right. Never mind, fix that tonight I will...

The infamous gallery of Serpent People has been slightly jiggled to include the Favourites categories we are using and to move all the entries into their own file. It's not the revamp I had in mind, but this is because I don't have the web skills to produce the kind of thing I wanted... so...

... the splendiferous Mr Pleasant is going to grace us with his web designer skills and make it all look beautiful! Early versions look well ace, but don't expect to see anything until after M'Era Luna... this will be part of a total site revamp :>

And finally: the laminates! Finalised designs will be printed today - completed versions should be available by the end of last week (hmmm... seem to recall saying that last week...). The latest design was revitalised from my original by the lovely Mr. P., and can be viewed, along with the order details, here.

Marvellous! Now go and admire the Guestbook, with particular reference to entry no.18 ;>

28 June 2000 Three more ppl in serpent people! Starting to feel guilty over the complete lack of progress where the revamp is concerned... :}

BUT loads of ppl want a laminate! Excellentie! Details of how to get your grubby mits on a splendiferous Serpents Kiss laminate will appear in here... as soon as I manage to get my finger out... :}

27 June 2000 Another entry in Serpent People, plus a slight rejig of the file structure which (if i've done it right) will be invisible to visitors...
23 June 2000 More entries in Serpent People! Seriously considering a revamp of that section of the site because it now takes a million years to load... :}
19 June 2000 Uploaded four more entries to Serpent People, added Rui's picture :)
17 June 2000 Uploaded the completed Serpent People page! Yay!
15 June 2000 Added a visitor counter courtesy of Bravenet :)

Added time zone converter to "Snake Talk". Corrected the information re: Norm's site and added Jen's Nottingham Mish show review to the list of tour pages in "The Mighty Mish".

14 June 2000 Serpents Kiss Website goes live. Yay!

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