Serpent People

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When The Mission annouced their UK dates last year, Paul Morgan had the idea of a Rogues Gallery, so we could recognise each other and meet up. Sadly, only a handful of the 300+ subscribers were brave enough to submit a picture of themselves, but that hasn't stopped us having another go here :)

The MWIS page includes a list of favourites for each band member. Since we thought that just pictures by themselves would look a bit bare, we decided to rip off a great idea and list our favourites along with them :> .

If you'd like to be included in our splendiferous page, please email a reasonably-sized picture in gif or jpeg format (300k or less preferred) and/or your list of favourites to yours truly Queen Uggi and it will be my regal pleasure to lodge you among the ranks of the lovely :) (NB: You need to be a subscriber to be included. But of course :> )

This section is due for a mega re-write in the not-too distant future - in the meantime, I've simply moved all the entries into their own file, which you can get to from here. It still takes aeons to load, but it's worth it! Check back here after the M'Era Luna Festival (August 14-ish), as this will be the last update until the revamp.

The Gallery Of Serpent People

As a broad guideline we're using the same categories as Wayne and Mark on the MWIS page, but do feel free to add or delete items as you please. Here's the list:

Best Recent Gig:
TV Show:
Object of Lust:
Football Team:
Beatles Song:
Epitaph on your grave:

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