If you need anything professionaly design for personal of business use - contact Neil via highlyoffensive@fuckyou.co.uk

SK Laminate Ordering Information:

The Serpents Kiss laminate features a splendiferous front and back design incorporating our "Snake Hussey" logo, the tour dates and a space for the wearer's name.

Each laminate costs one pound sterling, postage and packing included.

I know it may be a little awkward, but it would probably be cheapest to post a UK pound coin rather than faff about with International Money orders or cheques/postal orders. Wrap it up in bubble wrap or tissue paper to disguise the shape and post it off to me at the following address:

Address deleted because we've got no laminates left! Although we will be doing some more in the not too distant future...

Dont' forget to include your postal address and the name you want it personalised with - or if you want us to leave it blank, just say so :) When your order and dosh arrives, I'll email you to let you know, and pass on your address to Jen who'll post it out to you ASAP. We don't know exactly how long it'll take to reach you, but barring any postal strikes etc., it shouldn't be more than 7 to 10 days at the most.