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Queen Uggi the Splendiferous
(SK List-Owner, Cousin It Impersonator, Ego-Maniac by Royal Appointment)

Album: Ungod - Stabbing Westward
Book: The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass, Aged 45 3/4 - Adrian Plass
Best Recent Gig: All About Eve, Leeds Variety Theatre
TV Show: Farscape, Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Object of Lust: Ooooh, that would be telling!
City: Exeter
Drink: Krupnik! Put the kettle on!
Plant: Cherry Blossom Tree
Footballer: David Beckham, phwooaar!
Football Team: Bolton Wanderers. Don't laugh.
Beatles Song: Eleanor Rigby
Food: In order: Italian, English, Indian
Colour: All of them :)
Singer: Male: Wayne
Female: Julianne
Guitarist: Markie!
Person: Me. *preen*
Possession: My precious little moggy, Lily
Epitaph on your grave: Free at last!!!

Mistress Jen

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Mistress Jen the Mighty
(SK Moderator, collector of leather goods for the discerning customer, all-round nice person, unless you happen to incur my wrath of course!)

Album: Touched by Jesus - All About Eve
Book: Anything by Terry Pratchett, Bernard Cornwell, Anne Rice
Best Recent Gig: All About Eve - Leeds
TV Show: X-files, Men behaving badly, Friends
Object of Lust: Russell Crowe
City: Dublin (of course!)
Drink: Ritz
Plant: Pansies (black)
Footballer: eh?
Football Team: Ireland 1990 world cup squad
Beatles Song: Eleanor Rigby
Food: Indian
Colour: Black/Purple
Singer: (M) Wayne Hussey (F) Julianne Regan
Guitarist: Marty Willson-Piper AAE
Person: My son, Andrew
Possession: Pocket MP3 player
Epitaph on your grave: What the F*** was that all about?


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Paul Morgan's Cat Willow
(Sadly, MWIS WebSite bod Paul Morgan is a bit tied up at the mo,
so he sent us his cat Willow to keep us entertained until he can join us)

Album: Cats soundtrack - Andrew Lloyed-Webber
Book: Feng Shui For Cats - ???
Best Recent Gig: Garden fence, next door but one
TV Show: Tom & Jerry
Object of Lust: Next-door's ginger tom
City: Oxford
Drink: Milk
Plant: Catnip
Footballer: ???
Football Team: ??????
Beatles Song: It's Kool for Katz. Oh sorry, that was someone else...?
Food: Tuna
Colour: Red
Singer: Me
Guitarist: Paul
Person: Paul
Possession: Paul
Epitaph on your grave: The World Is Worthless Without You

Mr Pleasant

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Mr Pleasant

Album: Cure for Sanity - PWEI or GOM - da Mish
Book: Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S Thompson
Best Recent Gig: Bentley Rhythm Ace or Da Mish - Both @ The Astoria
TV Show: You've Been Framed
Object of Lust: Me Bird or Kelly Brooke
City: London or Perth, Western Australia
Drink: VODKA
Plant: Tulip
Footballer: Beckham
Football Team: Charlton Athletic or Perth Glory
Beatles Song: I don't think so
Food: Curry or Sushi
Colour: Black or Red
Possession: All my Vinyl
Radio Show: Blue Jam
Software: Flash 4
Epitaph on your grave: "He demanded the finest wines available to humanity"
"Glass jaw alcohol whore, cardboard cut-out lying on the floor. Lame brain drunk again, stupid dumb punk cold plumb insane"
"It's better to regret something you have done, than to regret something you haven't done"

Graham and Fiona

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Graham P. Chisnall

Album: Chemical Emissions (Rosetta Stone)
Book: River God
Best Recent Gig: Mike Peters Alarm 2000 day
TV Show: Babylon 5
Object of Lust: Louise
City: Paris
Drink: After shock
Plant: Cactii
Footballer: Robbie Fowler
Football Team: Liverpool
Beatles Song: Nowhere Man
Food: Curry
Colour: Red
Singer: Mike Peters
Guitarist: The Huss
Person: Fiona
Possession: My fully signed Laminate from the last tour
Epitaph on your grave: Told you I wasn't feeling well

Joanne Kerr

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Joanne Kerr

Album: I have to chose one? argghh! hmmm. Carved in sand. I always play it in good and bad times
Book: At the moment pile of Sound Engineering Text books. Other times Terry Pratchett
Best Recent Gig: New England Stone *laughing* no real recent gig that I could put forward
TV Show: Red Dwarf (Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! -Ed.)
Object of Lust: I would say my dogs, but it sounds kinda kinky :)
City: Sydney (haven't really been anywhere else :(
Drink: Jolt
Plant: Happy Plant
Beatles Song: A day in the life
Food: Indian
Colour: Black
Singer: Andy Prieboy
Guitarist: Simon Hinkler
Bassist: Riff West from Molly Hatchett (sorry Craig, I love your basslines too, but the bassline on "Fall of the Peacemakers" gives me goose bumps.)
Drummer: Mick Brown (A drummer I would love to work with)
Person: My Mum (awwwww)
Possession: My music gear
Epitaph on your grave: I'm not dead, let me out!!!!!

Rui Lobato

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Rui Lobato

Album: GOM from the Mish or Bloodflowers from the Cure or Nephilim (by u know who) or even first and last and always by the sisters (it all depends on my mood)
Book: The Process by F.Kafka
Best Recent Gig: The Mission at the Paradise Garage
TV Show: (a portuguese one...u dont wanna know...)
Object of Lust: Life...on drugs
City: Oporto and San Sebastian
Drink: All
Plant: Red Rose
Footballer: Figo
Football Team: Sporting Lisbon
Beatles Song: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Food: Fish
Colour: Black
Animal: Wolf
Star Sign: Scorpio
Singer: Wayne Hussey; Robert Smith; Bono and the guy from Depeche Mode (i cant remember his name right'll come back later...)
Drummer: Dave Lombard (ex-slayer)
Epitaph on your grave: "Antes só que mal acompanhado" (its better to b alone than with someone u don't like)

Carey Webster

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Carey Webster
(a.k.a Gaerin Tempest)

Album: (for today, anyway) Stabbing Westward: Wither, Blister, Burn & Peel
Book: Dune
Best Recent Gig: Cowboy Mouth
TV Show: History's Mysteries
Star Sign: Gemini
Object of Lust: Sean Connery
City: Charleston, SC or Atlanta GA
Drink: Ace Pear Cider
Plant: Azaleas
Animal: cats & dogs
Footballer: Paintballer: ME!
Software: Linux
T-Shirt: Mission UK Resurrection Tee
Football Team: No! Baseball team: Atlanta Braves
Beatles Song: When I'm 64
Food: Jalepenos
Colour: pure hue blue
Singer: Wayne Hussey (duh!)
Guitarist: Joe Satriani (noooOOOOoooo! -Ed.)
Bassist: Jaco Pastorius
Drummer: Neil Peart
Person: All y'all!
Possession: baby blanket
Epitaph on your grave: Lost the fight with the kerosene lantern

Karst de Jong

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Karst de Jong

Album: (this week) :The The - Naked Self
Book: Eureka Street - Robert McLiam Wilson
Best Recent Gig: The the
TV Show: Smack the poney
Software: Fireworks
Object of Lust: ummmmmm...
City: Belfast
Drink: Guinness
Plant: Cactus
Footballer: Bergkamp
Football Team: Dutch national Team
Beatles Song: Helter Skelter
Food: anything
Colour: maroon
Singer: Me
Guitarist: Chris Degarmo
Person: AM
Possession: Mish-collection
Epitaph on your grave: Upgrade please

Tony ZZ

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Tony "ZZ"
(Ask me them all in a weeks time and no doubt they'll be different ;-p
Love, peace and respect, c ya )

Album: Leve11ing the Land, Leve11ers
Book: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, H S Thompson
Best Recent Gig: New Model Army, Bradford, March 2000
TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer!
Object of Lust: Ma Monique
City: Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
Drink: Alcoholic preferably! Or Ceylon Tea.
Plant: Spider Plants
Footballer: Lee Bowyer!!!
Football Team: Leeds United
Beatles Song: Huh?
Food: Indian/ Bangladeshi
Colour: Black, even though it isn't really a colour *cough*
Singer: Natalie Merchant
Guitarist: Justin Sullivan {New Model Army}
Person: Mark Thomas
Possession: None that important
Cloth Item: Tatty green Leve11ers against Racism T- Shirt
Epitaph on your grave: Bullshit Motherfucker Bullshit

Black Squirrel

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Black Squirrel

Album: currently A-Ha, Major Earth, Minor Sky (trust me great album)
Book: Lord of the Rings
Best Recent Gig: The Mish, Astoria
Object of Lust: Curently Nicole Kidman
City: London, Soho
Drink: SnakeBite
Plant: Oak
Food: Roast Chicken with all the trimmings
Colour: Deep Red
Software: Acid Foundry 2.1
Singer: Wayne or David Sylvian
Guitarist: Bic Hayes
Person: Dr Ost
Possession: Hifi Seperates
Epitaph on your grave: Dust Claims Dust

The Norm

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Alex Richards
(a.k.a The Norm)

Album: Ooh ... Neverland for Mish, Disintegration (Cure) for pick of the moment
Book: Gormenghast Trilogy
Best Recent Gig: The Awkward Smiles (my friends, they're cool, check them out at and MP3s at . Sorry for plugging ... but I told them I would)
TV Show: Twin Peaks
City: Swansea
Drink: Vodka
Food: Anything
Colour: Purple or grey (I am the Norm, after all...)
Singer: Robert Smith (I'm in Cure mode at moment)
Guitarist: Hussey
Possession: All my Mish stuff
Epitaph on your grave: 42

Paul Morgan

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Paul Morgan
(MWIS WebSite Style Guru, Owner of Cute Moggies, & No He Doesn't Know When The UK Mission Dates Are! ;> )

Album: Carved in Sand by.... ??!! :)
Book: Native Tongue - Carl Hiaasen
Best Recent Gig: Ummmm... the Mish, nov '99
TV Show: Simpsons
Object of Lust: Denise Richards
Star Sign: Taurus
City: Vancouver
Drink: Maube (Caribbean drink)
Plant: Barbados Pride
Animal: Cat
Car: Lotus Elise
PC Game: Thief II
Footballer: none - can't stand it
Football Team: see above
Beatles Song: Never got into them
Food: Roast Breadfruit covered in butter
Colour: Blue
Singer: James Dean Bradfield
Guitarist: Those that can actually play it
Person: Too many nice ppl in my life
Possession: My life
Epitaph on your grave: Someones sitting there mate ;)

Lynn Muollo

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Lynn Muollo
(The Missionary Formerly Known As Wyeth :> )

Album: Gods Own Medecine - The Mission
Book: Lord of the Rings - JRT
Best Recent Gig: Mission, Astoria, London
TV Show: Match of the Day
Object of Lust: My hubby, Bernie
City: Rome
Drink: Peach Schnapps & Orange Juice
Plant: Cactus
Animal: Cat
Star Sign: Virgo
Footballer: Neil Lennon (Leicester City / N Ireland)
Football Team: The Mighty Leicester City
Beatles Song: Yesterday
Food: Spaghetti Bolognese
Colour: Black
Singer: Skin (Skunk Anansie)
Guitarist: Mark Thwaite (redeeming myself here)
Person: My hubby, Bernie
Possession: Our cat and hamsters
Epitaph on your grave: "Fook, I might miss something good."

Jason Ganner

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Jason Ganner

Album: Too many really but Phaseshifter by Redd Kross,First & last & Always,Touched By Jesus,Carved In Sand,Neverland etc.
Book: Names are for tombstones baby
Best Recent Gig: Chameleons
TV Show: Never mind the buzzcocks
Object of Lust: *****
City: Dubai
Drink: Alcohol
Plant: Potato
Footballer: hiss
Football Team: double hiss
Beatles Song: While my guitar gently weeps
Food: Anything spicy as long as its not chicken
Colour: Black
Singer: Julianne Regan
Guitarist: Ritchie Blackmore
Person: *****
Possession: music collection & guitars
Epitaph on your grave: n/a buried at sea

Drew Baker

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Drew Baker

Album: "Seven" Apoptygma Berzerk or "Worldes Blyssee" Mediaeval Baebes
Book: (Currently) "The Odyssey" Homer
Film: Raiders of the Lost Arc
Best Recent Gig: Inkubus Sukkubus, Heresy Coventry
TV Show: Mysteries of Lost Empires
Object of Lust: Large calibre weapons
City: Anywhere but Coventry, Athens or Delphi in Greece perhaps
Drink: Coffee
Plant: Anything that doesn't give me hay fever
Footballer: Like I'm gonna know!
Football Team: Sheffield Wednesday
Beatles Song: Tomorrow Never Knows, Revolver
Food: Tex-Mex
Colour: Indigo
Radio Show: BBC World service extended evening news
Software: 3D Studio Max
Possession: My trusty Swiss Army knife
Epitaph on your grave: "Dead, again"

Richie ScHiZo

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Richie ScHiZo
("Are you scared yet?")

Album: Shotgun Messiah – Violent New Breed / G.O.M. – da Mish
Book: (Currently) The Arthur Trilogy – Bernard Cornwell, most David Gemmell
Best Recent Gig: Mine … or The Eves @ The Borderline Jan 2000
TV Show: South Park, Ali G
Objects of Lust: Dark, mysterious ladies or squeaky noise boxes
Place: West Penwith, Cornwall, UK
Drink: Cider, Archers, Snakebite, Red Witch, German white, Italian red, Tetleys tea
Plant: Robert…
Flower: Poppy, bluebells
Animal: Fat furry cat pussies
Beatles Song: Yawn, can’t see what all the fuss is about (…dons protective armour)…more a Stones fan.
Food: Chilli, Thai, Indian – hot & spiceee
Colour: Purple, red
Software: Cubase on Atari ST…ye may mock…it may clunk and grind but it never crashes (yet!)!
Invention: MIDI
Singer: Steven Tyler, Julianne Regan
Guitarist: The Huss, Harry Cody
Bassist: Craig
Persons: My beloved, friends & family…of course!
Possession: My bed, my bass.
Saying: "I’m sorry, you mistake me for someone who gives a f**k!"
Epitaph on your grave: I’ll be back…


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Album: GOM- The Mission, Chemical Emissions- Rosetta Stone,The Breathing Shadow-Nightingale, Pretty Hate Machine-Nine Inch Nails, Bloodflowers-The Cure, (sorry but after tearing my mind into pieces I can´t decide for only one album)
Book: Anything by Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams,Noah Gordon
Best Recent Gig: Nine Inch Nails in Düsseldorf 2000 (ask me again after M`era Luna)
TV Show: TV Total (german comedy/late night show with Stefan Raab),Black Adder, Monty Python
Object of Lust: My 12-string guitars Fabienne & Vivienne
City: Cologne
Drink: Schlammbowle (don´t know what it´s called in English, maybe mudbowl ???)
Plant: Cactus
Footballer: in Germany ? Must be some kind of joke, guess I´m the last one here ;-)
Football Team: Standfeste Jonge Delrath (the best in German football !!!) just contact me for serious championship offers
Beatles Song: Helter Skelter
Food: Mum´s food (of course), Chinese, Pasta
Colour: Black, purple
Singer: Wayne,Dan Swanö (Nightingale)
Guitarist: Wayne,Simon,Dan Swanö and myself (of course)
Person: all my friends who make my life as it is, my ventilator (named Hans),Corben
Possession: The Mission, my own music
Epitaph on your grave: "Don´t try this at home,kids !!!"

Andrew Knight

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Album: Always changing but currently - Smashing Pumpkins - Machina
Book: Boy George - Take it like a man
Best Recent Gig: Mish - London, Eves - Bath,Overload -Bristol
TV Show: Never mind the buzzcocks / Shooting Stars
Object of Lust: Marge Simpson !
City: New York / Milan
Drink: Guiness / Nastro Azzurro
Plant: Oak Trees
Football Team: Juventus / Bristol Rovers
Beatles Song: Tomorrow never Knows
Food: Pasta
Colour: Purple/black:
Singer: Bjork / Julianne Regan
Guitarist: Huss, Robert Smith
Person: My Dad
Possessions: My Drums & Motocross bike
Epitaph on your grave: I think I'll leave that to anyone who cares enough to write one.


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Bertalan Rák

Album: Neverland/Blue/The First Chapter
Book: Minimal Diary by Umberto Eco
Best Recent Gig: n/a
TV Show: Evening news, Monty Python's Flying Circus
City: Budapest
Drink: Tonic
Plant: Palm tree
Beatles Song: Revolution
Food: almost anything
Colour: Blue
Singer: Wayne Hussey
Guitarist: Mark Thwaite
Person: family + friends
Possession: CD collection
Epitaph on your Grave: That's all folks!

Marina and Joanna

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Marina Kazakopolou

Album: Children (Mission)
Song: Beyond The Pale
Book: Veronika decide morrer (Paulo Coelho),
Memnoch*The Devil (Anne Rice)
Best Recent Gig: Mission, Otagon- Athens
TV Show: Friends, Muppet show
Object of Lust: Wayne Hussey, Trent Reznor
City: London
Drink: Gin
Plant: Rose
Animal: Dog
Football Team: Panathinaikos
Beatles Song: Yesterday
Food: Italian, Greek (definitely souvlaki)
Colour: Black
Singer: Wayne Hussey, Julianne Regan
Guitarist: Simon Hinkler
Star Sign: Libra
Person: Daddy
Possession: A beautiful card from someone very special
Epitaph on your grave: This flower will never fade

Joanna Papanastasopoulou

Album: Freaks ( Pulp)
Song: A Wing and A Prayer
Book: Weaveworld (Clive Barker), Kafka's Metamorphosis
Best Recent Gig: Mission, Athens
TV Show: The Outer Limits
Object of Lust: Trent Reznor
City: London
Drink: Vodka (with lemon juice)
Animal: Kitties
Software: Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash 4
Football Team: AEK
Beatles Song: Let It Be
Food: Greek
Colour: Black & Purple
Singer: Wayne Hussey
Star Sign: Capricorn
Possession: A pile of letters written by someone unique
Person: sister, the unique person I mentioned
Epitaph on your grave: and if God choose, I shall, but love thee better after death

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