Join The Serpents

Joining Serpents Kiss is as easy as posting a message on our shiny new message board, or sending in your list of favourites and a photo for the gallery. We are simply an online meeting point for people who love the MISSION, and you can either wander by and leave an occasional message, drop in for a chat, or sign up to our mailing list. Details below...

E-Mail Discussion List

Subscription-only email discussion list hosted by SmartGroups.

The Serpents Kiss email discussion list is mainly for talking about the Mission and anything which is closely related. Please click here to read our rules of membership. To join, send an email to the address below:

And that's it, really. If you decide to sign up for a full SmartGroups account, then you can opt to read and post messages via the Internet, and upload files and photos to the shared group diskspace.

Quick Reference Guide to
SerpentsKiss@SmartGroups Help

SK Message Board

Non-subscription message board which is available to everyone and anyone, hosted by

Possibly you're a big fan of the Mission and you want to meet other fans, but you don't want to be part of a mailing list. Or you'd like to talk about other things as well, but these aren't appropriate on the list.

If so, then the message board is for you. The messages only appear on the web, so nothing gets delivered to anyone's inbox. If you leave your email address when you post a message, the board will email you when someone responds - or you can just sign your name and call back whenever. Enjoy!

NB: Any deliberately offensive messages will be deleted.