Credits and Copyright

Thanks to all concerned in the latest production of Serpents Kiss. If there's anyone I should have mentioned in here that I've missed, please email me and I will add you forthwith. Thanks again, ppl :)

The Serpents Kiss website and logo was written and designed by Uggi, with assistance and contributions from the following people:

Julias new snakey Julia Gluck
Neil Gibson
Karst de Jong

New snake design (left) used in the chatroom and "business cards"
Digitising Julia's snake, and the upcoming revamp of the Gallery
Mission pages (under construction)

The real-time chat, hit counter and "fast url" were provided by Bravenet, while the guestbook, calendars and message board are hosted by Javascripts, such as the clock, were obtained from ZDNet. The search engine is, of course, provided by Google.

The Serpents Kiss email list is now hosted by SmartGroups.

Thanks a lot everyone :)

Proud Bravenet Member