Who Are Serpents Kiss?
Serpents Kiss is a place where people who love The Mission can meet, make friends, swap mish stories and info, and generally have a laugh. Conversation isn't exclusively about The Mission and you're unlikely to get any exclusive mish-related gossip from Serpents Kiss - but you will meet some warm and friendly people to hang out with online and meet up with the next time the Mission come and play in your city :)

Serpents Kiss appeared shortly after a brief but rather vicious flame war on the original Mission mailing list. The old list suffered when someone abused our tradition of free speech.

So, in our quest to recapture the free & easy hippy spirit of the original list, we have a couple of ground rules :)

First of all, there is no such thing as an "off-topic" post. SK is primarily a club for people who love The Mission to meet up and have fun.

This doesn't happen if the only kind of post that makes it to the list is 100% Mission-related.

However, we have nearly 70 members now, from all over the world, many of whom have English as their second or third language - and the only thing we all know we have in common with each other is The Mission.

So all we ask is that there are no extended non-Mission-related conversation threads, as some people will inevitably become bored and/or alienated.

Secondly - and probably obviously - messages which have been deliberately written in order to upset someone else are strictly forbidden.

Obviously it may be that someone will post something that pisses you off - it happens. But if you read something that annoys you in some way, please take it up with the offender in a private email and keep it off the list.

Anyone who sents intentionally offensive emails will find themselves unsubscribed...