What's New?
Check here for the latest site updates, plus random news about The Mission as we here about it. Very little is likely to change on here apart from additions to the Gallery, but be sure to come back in January when "What's New?" gets a dramatic facelift!

17 July 2001: Yes well, still no dramatic facelift... but who knows? Somewhere in the dim distant future I may just get my finger out and do some work on the splendiferous web presence that is the Serpents Kiss webpageb :>

In the meantime I have jiggled the gallery a bit... still no gilt-edged frames, but two or three shiny new entries! Go have a squizz here

Also a new web address. Last year I toyed with the idea of reserving a domain name, but decided against it because it looked a bit pricey and possibly a tad over the top. Instead, we have a nice "fast url" address, courtesy of lovely Brad and Dave at Bravenet. Chaps, you do a fantastic job and I shall be sending you your knighthoods at the earliest opportunity :>

Try My Fast URL: http://destined.to/SerpentsKiss
Fast URL provided free by
   Bravenet Web Services

And there we have it! 'til next time, Serpent Kissers! oxoxoxoxoxox

28 January 2001: Ho hum. Do believe I said "dramatic facelift in January", or words to that effect...? We-eelll... maybe a couple more months yet :> because I'm just the merest tad busy at the mo...

BUT in the meantime, SERPENT PEOPLE has had a few changes - Drew's entry has been located and posted, we have a shiny new picture of Mistress Jen and pictures for Helen-Jayne, and for Mr MWIS himself on top of the Empire State Building! Plus new entries for Nigel Needham, Tracy, and Laurent "Pollux" Leemans :) Lovely!

23 November 2000: Tripod are moving house, which means I can't sort out the rest of the gallery on their server for the moment. So until they're sorted, I've put it all on FreeYellow...

Entries for Mistress Jen and Paul Morgan will be updated next week (new piccies!), and the missing entry (sorry Drew!) will be chased from its hiding place and pinned up with the rest. Yay!

18 November 2000: Major re-write of Serpents Kiss site finally done, yay! Sorry it took so long... :} *grovel*