The Mighty Mish
Still wondering why they're called The Mission? Don't know who the current line-up are? Wondering what happened to former band members? Here are our recommended sites for the most up-to-date and reliable information on The Mission. For fan pages and related sites, check out our links pages on this site and the eGroups Serpents Kiss site.

The Official MWIS Website Wayne Hussey organised an official website for The Mission in July 1999 shortly before the Resurrection Tour. Mish guitarist Mark Thwaite gave it a bit of a revamp with some nice graphics and a comprehensive layout, and the site expanded during the tour with lots of pictures and a diary by Craig Adams. In March 2000, the site was impressively redesigned into its current form by Paul Morgan. The Cleo Years Written and designed by Karst de Jong and Johan Eskils, few questions can be left unanswered by this meticulously researched biography of The Mission. Picking up where Names Are For Tombstones ended, this excellent and ongoing biography is approved by The Mission and linked from the MWIS site:
[ Cleo Years: '93-'96 | Cleo Years: '97-Present ]

The Mission Homepage In the days before the MWIS site and The Final Chapter, the definitive Mission resource belonged to Bryan McPhail. Currently it is the only place with complete guitar tab and lyrics to all the songs. Wayne was well impressed with Bryan's site, and its nifty little history is linked on the MWIS site:

Mission Biography: 1986-1995

Norm's Mission Webpage While Bryan's site holds the biggest collection of Mish tab, Alex Richards' site contains an amazing range of Mission songs in RealAudio format. This collection is all the obscure B-sides, rarities and remixes so far tracked down by our Norm - enjoy the full versions in radio-quality at this site.