A little group of us usually meet up on the net for an hour's gossip or so every Wednesday, from 8pm UK time onwards. Since the creation of Serpent's Kiss, we've added a Sunday session in the hope that people won't find themselves excluded because of their time zones.


The splendiferous Bravenet host our chatroom.
Just click on the button below to come and play :)


Every Wednesday and every Sunday, at 8pm UK time (20:00 GMT). Check our calendar to see if we've added any sessions; and if you're not sure about time differences, try this handy time zone converter:

Time Zone Converter | SK Calendar
Anywhere else?

Occasionally Bravenet collapses under the weight of all its happy customers frolicking away in over 200 chatrooms. On these rare but sad occasions we are forced, nay, compelled to go elsewhere for our twice-weekly fix.

So, if you can't find anyone on Bravenet, or you can't get in, have a look in these two chatrooms. You need an account to get in, but sorting one is a simple process :)

Karst's Mission Chatroom on Yahoo

Official MWIS Chat on Delphi