Credits & Copyright
Serpents Kiss: The Unofficial Mission Fanclub (c)2000 is hosted by Tripod, purveyors of most excellent websites. The Guestbook, the Visitor Counter and SK Chat are hosted by the awesomely brilliant Bravenet. These pages were written by Queen Uggi and Mistress Jen, with the occasional help and advice of Mr Pleasant. Please feel free to email us with any comments or suggestions for this site. Special thanks to Tanya Hodgkin at for the excellent javascript advice used in the main gallery - thanks a lot!

Most of the graphics and all the backgrounds and titles on the rest of the pages are the original work of Queen Uggi. Please observe the standard netiquette of a return link to this site if you use any of them... or face the wrath of me and my little red axe!

The font used for the main title and to create Snake Hussey (TM) is a freeware font called Ogilvie and was obtained from the Alphalinx site, now sadly defunct. The new titles were done in the Serpentine font, many thanks to Karst de Jong for finding it for us. Both fonts can be found at

The graphic on index.htm is adapted from the sleeve of Serpents Kiss, (c)Sandy Ball 1986. The silhouette with a question mark image (sil2.gif) used in Serpent People was adapted from a scanned magazine image (dunno which one, Jen found it :> ).

All used without permission in the hope nobody will mind... ;> (If someone with a legitimate reason does mind, please let me know and I will remove the offending article).

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